Through his concerted efforts and dedication Qazi Akramuddin Ahmed won the hearts of local Lion leaders and I strongly believe that he will win the hearts of international Lion leaders equally. Lion leaders including myself are looking forward to see him in the International Board as an International Director from our area.


Sheikh Kabir Hossain MJF
Past International Director, LCI


He enjoys the support of Lion members of Bangladesh due to his pleasant personality and proven leadership ability. He is not only acceptable to all Lion leaders but also popular to all equally. I wholeheartedly wish to see him as an International Director from Bangladesh. Wish him all the best and extend my full support and cooperation to Qazi Akramuddin Ahmed .


Moslem Ali Khan MJF
Past International Director, LCI


I firmly believe that if Qazi Akramuddin elected as an international Director he could contribute phenomenally in the Lionism of Bangladesh and achieve desired goal of our great organization through his unflinching dedication and commitment.


Swadesh Ranjan Saha FCA, PMJF

Council Chairperson (2016 – 2017)

MD 215, Bangladesh